Bonus is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance.

Bonus Tracker will expire when the card is inactive for six (6) months; no transactions after six (6) months from last transaction date.

Bonus is the complimentary item that you have earned after making purchases of ten (10) main meals at regular price with KRR Card.

Bonus Tracker is the count of selected items tracked by the system upon purchase and may appear in the Check Bonus page as icon. One (1) Bonus Tracker translates to one (1) item purchased using KRR Card.

KRR Card is a stored value card (prepaid card) that gives you rewards and convenient of cash-less payment at all Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant in Malaysia. KRR Card can be used to purchase food, beverage and merchandise in our restaurants.

KRR Card can be purchased at any KRR restaurant in Malaysia. The reload amount will be loaded into your KRR Card.

With just minimum RM50, you can activate a KRR Card. The amount will be loaded into your KRR Card and you may start using the card immediately for payment. There is no set up fee or usage fee.

Yes. KRR Card is re-loadable and re-useable. Simply walk in to any KRR restaurant and reload the KRR Card via cash, debit or credit card.

KRR Card can be reloaded with any amount in the multiple denomination of RM10, up to maximum of RM500 at any one time. For a new KRR Card, minimum of RM50 reload is required for activation.

KRR Card offers convenience of cashless payment. With one quick swipe, you can use it to make purchases at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurants. On top of that, you will receive BPoints for every purchase made and the following rewards:

  • 1 complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal with any purchase during your birthday month. (applicable for registered KRR Card holders only).
  • Wednesday Treats (special offer on every Wednesday).
  • 1 complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal when you purchase 10 main meals at regular menu price within 6 months period.
  • 30% off 1 Kenny’s Quarter Meal for golden citizen card holders (age 55 and above).

Upon registration of your card, your balance reload value will be protected. In the event you have lost or misplaced your card, you can log onto card.krr.com.my to deactivate your card or simply transfer the balance to another card. The balance amount upon deactivation will be protected.

On top of that, you will also enjoy a complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal during your birthday month with any purchase.

Just log onto card.krr.com.my and follow the simple instructions to get your card registered. You need the KRR Card with you and a valid email account to complete the online registration.

BONUS can be immediately redeemed or during the next visit without any purchase condition. It will be loaded automatically in the card upon accumulation of ten (10) Bonus Trackers.

We are unable to process payment via KRR Card when system is down/ offline. Purchases will have to be settled via cash or credit card.

It is easy to find out KRR Card balance as follows:

  • Logging onto card.krr.com.my (if you have registered your card)
  • Walk in to any KRR restaurant to ask for a card balance check.

Also, purchases transacted via KRR Card will state your remaining card value balance on the receipt itself.

For Lost and Stolen card, immediately log in to your KRR Card account at card.krr.com.my, go to Support > Report Loss Card. Your card will be deactivated and your card balance upon deactivation will be protected.

For Lost, Stolen and Faulty, visit nearest restaurant to you for card replacement.

Step 1 : Present screenshot of card balance details (for Lost and Stolen card with visible card number) OR faulty card to the KRR cashier
Step 2 : Activate new KRR Card with minimum RM10
Step 3 : login to card.krr.com.my > go to Manage Card > Add Card > enter new KRR Card number & PIN
Step 4 : go to Transfer Funds to transfer all balance to new card

The payment modes acceptable to reload a KRR Card are cash, debit or credit card only.

Yes, the expiry is 36 months from the last transaction on your Card. So long you continue to use your card, the expiry will keep rolling.

Yes, you can split payment for a transaction using one (1) KRR Card and combine any other form of payment that is accepted at our restaurant.

BPoints will be rewarded for the eventual purchases of food, beverages and merchandise items pay by the reload value.

Yes, you may use more than 1 KRR Card in a transaction.

KRR Card is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash.